NoRA Cupcakes Make List of Best in the U.S.

Cupcakes from NoRA in Middletown are heavenly. If you’ve ever had one, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree. The Daily Meal certainly does.

They have ranked the local cupcakery’s sweets among the 101 best cupcakes in America.

NoRA came in 63 and is the only Connecticut cupcake shop to make the list. 

“NoRA Cupcake Company proudly boasts over 100 cupcake flavors on their full menu, and promises their sweets will blow you away,” Daily Meal says.

NoRA is not what you might think of when you think of a “typical” cupcake shop. The company was actually born in a bar, Eli Cannon’s, which is located across the street, and the influence is clear in the selection of cocktail cupcakes, as well as some of the rockstar cupcakes.

The boozy-inspired creations include the Bourbon Blackberry Fizz, Jack Daniels cake bakes with blueberries; the cosmopolitan; the Oreo mudslide and more. Um? Yum!

“We are most intrigued by their cocktail-inspired line of cupcakes that harken to flavors found behind the bar. The “bourbon apple crumble cupcake” features a butterscotch chip cake, Jack Daniels simmered apples, vanilla buttercream, butterscotch drizzle and crumb topping that is fabulous for a more developed palette,” Daily Meal pointed out.

There are also Butterfinger cupcakes; the Funky Monkey, with banana chocolate chip cake, peanut butter frosting and chopped peanuts; the Fat Elvis, with banana, marshmallow, peanut butter frosting and candied bacon; and many, many more. (Don’t be afraid of the candied bacon. We’ve tried it. Trust us, your mouth with thank you.)

NoRA Cupcake is located at 700 Main Street in Middletown. 

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