North Haven Woman Sees UPS Worker Stealing Package

A ripped bag was not what Kristine Wolfe was hoping to put under the tree for her boyfriend this year, but it's all a UPS worker left behind this week.

"He left it as a present, I guess," the North Haven resident told NBC Connecticut. 

UPS said 26-year-old Quintell Suggs was hired as a seasonal driver's helper, but police said he was helping himself to items along the delivery route. 

"First day on the job [and he's] going around stealing packages," Wolfe said. 

Wolfe was watching from the window on Monday when a UPS worker went to put a new package she had been expecting in her mailbox.

She said it seemed routine until she saw the Suggs walk away with a package that was already inside her mailbox after slipping it inside his shirt.

"I was like, 'He just stole what was in the mailbox from the regular postman'," Wolfe said.

Police said they recovered a $150 Bose speaker Suggs allegedly stole earlier in the day during a drop-off at a business on Republic Drive.

Suggs was charged with two counts of larceny.

UPS said they hire 95,000 workers during the holiday season and Suggs is no longer an employee of the company. They said they are cooperating with the investigation. 

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