Norwalk Man Accused of Scamming Elderly Out of Cash

Greenwich police have arrested a Norwalk man who is accused of scamming an elderly woman out of $81,000 and they said there were several other victims as well.

Suffolk County detectives reached out to Greenwich police on Tuesday and said a man had called the elderly victim and told her she needed to help her nephew who was arrested, so the woman sent several packages to Fairfield County through UPS.

The victim had gone to Suffolk County Police after the man contacted her again and told her to send another $20,000 to a house in Greenwich, police said.

The woman did send a package to the Greenwich address, but did not include money. When it arrived, police from Greenwich and Suffolk County were waiting at the house, which was being foreclosed on, according to police.

Police saw a man in a black Ford Focus try and wave down the UPS delivery driver, but the driver would not stop until reaching the house the package had been addressed to, according to police.

When the UPS driver got to the house, the man said he was the recipient and police took him into custody.

Police identified the man as 25-year-old Emmanuel Bazil, of Norwalk.

Inside the Ford Focus, they found marijuana and several pieces of mail that Bazil later admitted to taking, police said.

In a hidden compartment for the spare tire police also found an envelope with $9,000 that had been sent to an address in Stamford. Police said elderly people from California had sent the money and were victims of a similar scam.

Bazil admitted to taking the package from a Stamford address earlier in the day, according to police.

Police said they also recovered another package in Stamford that had $12,000 in cash.

All of the packages had been sent to houses that were being foreclosed on.

Bazil was charged with two counts of larceny in the second-degree, one count of larceny in the third-degree, one count of larceny in the sixth degree, criminal attempt to commit larceny in the first degree, simple trespass and illegal possession of marijuana.

Bond was set at $250,000 and he is due in court on April 17.

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