Norwalk Police Warn About Phone Scam With Caller Pretending to be Law Enforcement

Cell phone, file photo.
NBC News

Norwalk police are warning residents about a phone scam where the caller poses as local law enforcement and threatens the resident by saying there is a warrant out for his or her arrest.

Authorities said several residents in Connecticut have reported receiving a phone call from a person who poses as local law enforcement including an officer, sheriff, marshal, captain or lieutenant. The person on the phone then says there is a warrant out for the resident's arrest, they added.

The caller then demands that the resident pay large amounts of money, such as $3,000, to have the charges dismissed, police said.

Investigators said the scammer usually asks for payment by money transfer, gift card or some type of electronic money transfer.

Police remind residents that the court and law enforcement will never demand money over the phone. Residents are also urged to never share any personal information such as birth dates, social security numbers or bank account details.

If you receive a call like this, you're urged to hang up. After you gather all of the information that you can, you should report the fraud and provide those details here.

Police said if you are a victim of one of these types of calls, you should call (203) 854-3000 to make a report.

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