Norwalk School Cafeteria Worker Accused of Making Threatening Comments, Had Rifle in Trunk of Car: Police

Norwalk police will have an extra presence at Norwalk High School Wednesday after the arrest of a school cafeteria worker accused of making threatening comments and carrying a rifle in his vehicle's trunk while on school property.

Police arrested 69-year-old Leslie Delaney Tuesday after an investigation into comments he allegedly made to a co-worker at Norwalk High School. School officials said he has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted. 

According to police, school security reported a threat complaint to police on Sept. 4. Investigators said that on Aug. 30, Delaney was talking to a coworker and made comments that if the co-worker saw him in his Army fatigues, he should leave because he would have an AK-47 and that he could come to finish everything and then “off himself.”

Police said Delaney admitted to making those comments and said it was a joke.

Based on an interview with police, Delaney was taken to Norwalk Hospital for evaluation.

Officers also searched Delaney’s vehicle, which was parked on Norwalk High School property, and found a .22 caliber Mossberg rifle in the trunk. The firearm was not loaded, and there was no ammunition in the vehicle. Police also searched Delaney’s home but found no weapons or ammunition there.

Investigators determined there was no immediate threat to students or staff, but there will be an increased police presence Wednesday as a precaution.

Delaney was charged with threatening, breach of peace, and possession of a weapon on school grounds. His bond was set at $75,000.

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