Norwich Country Music Station Offers Comfort Over Airwaves

Bounded by tragedy, Norwich’s 97.7 WCTY employees and listeners are now taking to the airwaves as the tight-knit community continues to heal after the Las Vegas shooting tragedy.

"Could've been our listeners, it was somebody's listeners," Dave Elder said. "With the country fans and country music and with the country listeners, everybody feels like somebody attacked our family."

Elder, program director for the station, is now offering listeners airtime to air out their concerns.

“We opened up the phones and we dulled down the contests, we kind of subdued it a little bit this week if people wanted to talk about they could,” Elder said.

Elder said the country music community is already pouring out and using their voices to help bring healing.

"A lot of people were going in shock and offering thoughts, what can we do, can we donate blood, what can we do just to make ourselves feel a little bit better," Elder said.

Listeners are also hearing more songs like Tim McGraw’s 'Humble and Kind' the lyrics also bringing comfort over the airwaves.

"I think the music is also comforting like I'm going to hear from my artists and I'm going to listen to their words," Elder said.

While time can be the ultimate healer, Elder hopes tunes, for now, can also bring peace in a time of tragedy.

"We're going to try to spread that good message," Elder said

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