Norwich Crews Continue to Remove Snow After Blizzard

Norwich Public Works crews continued to remove snow from the sides of streets, days after a blizzard buried the city in nearly two feet of snow.

NBC Connecticut

Days after a blizzard buried Norwich in nearly two feet of snow, public works crews continued to remove snow Thursday.

Several trucks operated in the Taftville section of the city, removing large piles of snow from the sides of streets. Crews began snow removal on the Monday after the storm.

"The roads have been bottlenecked so much with all of this snow that we are trying to make it safe for the public to travel back and forth," said Roy Predmore, superintendent of streets and parks for the city.

In addition to snow removal, Norwich crews were also clearing snow from storm drains Thursday. With continued rainfall expected, they cleared the drains to prevent flooding.

"They are meant to collect the water and when we have rain and we have the snow melting, we have to keep them open so we don't have flooding throughout the city," said Josh Kinney, a crew leader with Norwich Public Works.

Crews cleared upwards of 50 storm drains Thursday.

"We are really just worried about the water being able to get the basins and not freezing up and causing issues," said Predmore.

Rain is expected to change to ice later on Friday. Norwich crews are asking people to stay off the roads.

"You're not going to be able to tell. It's going to quickly freeze over," said Predmore. "So we just want to keep people safe until we can get some materials down on the road and treat it." 

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