Norwich Free Academy Employee Accused of Failing to Report Former Coach's Inappropriate Relationship

Norwich Police have arrested a Norwich Free Academy employee who is accused of failing to report an inappropriate relationship between a former coach and a student.

Police said an investigation was initiated after they received a report from the Department of Children and Families in June of 2018.

The report to DCF was made by an employee of Norwich Free Academy about the suspicion of an inappropriate relationship between NFA Athletic Coach Anthony Facchini and a female student, according to police. After more information was discovered, police said Facchini was placed under arrest.

During the investigation, officers said they learned other staff members of NFA, including 61-year-old Kevin Rodino, failed to report a previous inappropriate relationship between Facchini and another student who had since graduated from the school.

According to the school's website, Rodino is the Director of Campus Safety & Safe School Climate Specialist.

Statements from the school during the investigation indicated that the school intended to cooperate, police said, however, during the probe, NFA produced redacted reports and documents. After further request, NFA produced un-redacted copies of the reports.

Before the investigation was over, officers learned that NFA had initiated its own investigation into the incident. Officers said the report was an oral report made to the NFA Board of Trustees. When police tried to meet with the investigator for an interview, they said an attorney who represents the school told them they could not authorize the investigator to be interviewed. The attorney cited a "variety of reasons, including the confidential and attorney-client privileged nature of this investigation," according to a police report.

Multiple arrest warrants were completed and submitted to the Office of the State's Attorney New London Judicial District. The warrant for Rodino was signed by the New London State's Attorney and by a judge.

Rodino, of Preston, is facing charges including failure to report suspected child abuse, tampering with evidence, false statement and interfering with a police officer.

He was released on a $500 non-surety bond and is scheduled to appear in court on March 7.

Norwich Free Academy released a statement Monday in response to Rodino's arrest:

"We are aware of today's arrest. Head of School David Klein placed Kevin Rodino, on administrative leave, January 23, 2019. Because of the possible criminal and civil implications of these matters, we are unable to comment further."

School employees and coaches are considered mandated reporters in Connecticut. State law requires mandated reporters to relay an oral report to DCF or local police within 12 hours if they believe a child has been abused, neglected or placed in imminent risk.

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