Not Loving That “Dirty” Water

Some Waterbury residents have a dirty little secret about their tap water. Actually, the problem some of them have been experiencing with brown water flowing from their taps and shower heads is not really a secret at all.

The Water Department received more than 100 calls Wednesday from Waterbury residents complaining about the “dirty” brown water.

Brown water can be caused by flushing the water lines, which the city is doing in some areas at this time.

However, most of the complaints have come from the east end or other parts of town, areas where the work isn't being done.

Water Department officials said that means that someone is opening hydrants but they are not authorized to.

Water Department investigators think that the tough economy might be prompting street sweepers and others who need the water to open hydrants and tap into the water without a permit.

Anyone who sees someone other than a Water Department employee or a firefighter using a hydrant is asked to call 203-574-8521.

Meanwhile, officials said the brown water is safe to drink and it would likely flow clear in a few hours once the sediment has settled or been washed out.

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