“Nothing Scarier”: Torrington Mom Loses Home to Fire

Three Torrington families are looking for new places to live after fire raced through their multi-family home late Thursday night.

One of the women left homeless said her family lost almost everything when flames spread from her second-floor apartment on Roosevelt Avenue.

"To wake up with a fire and having your kids in there, I don’t think there’s anything scarier," said the mother of twin 7-year-old boys.

She said fire alarms jolted them from their sleep and they found flames raging in the kitchen. Even with the help of neighbors, she couldn’t stop the fire and was concerned for the safety of her boys.

"Any mom will walk through fire for her kids and they got out safely and that’s all I cared about," she said.

Firefighters said all 11 people and their pets escaped, including one family’s service dog.

While the damage to the outside of the building appears minimal, firefighters said the second and third floors were seriously damaged and no one can live here for a while.

The cause is under investigation, but the Torrington woman says it appears to have started near her stove, which was not being used at the time.

Now she’s thankful for the help of neighbors, firefighters and the Red Cross, which is putting them up in temporary housing.

"I’m okay with it though because we all escaped uninjured essentially. So, the only thing we’ve lost is just some stuff and that doesn’t matter," she said.

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