President's CCSU Visit Draws Protesters, Fans

Their causes differed, their goal was the same: get attention during President Baradck Obama's visit to Central Connecticut State University on Wednesday, if not attention from the president himself.

"Obama, Obama, don't deport my mama," cried immigration activists, standing next to several blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flags. 

"SOS Venezuela," read another sign.

Stan Heller, veteran of decades of protests in Connecticut, stood on a campus corner telling passersby about Medea Benjamin, a U.S. citizen manhandled when she tried to get to the Gaza Strip through Egypt.

"The bigger issue is the collaboration of the Obama Administration with Egypt," Heller said. "We have given billions and billions to that country."

Those who had the opportunity to see Obama speak in person were thrilled with what one woman called a life-changing event.

"It was an amazing experience. I'll never forget it," said Kim von Paternos, a CCSU senior.

For people without tickets, the university screened the speech in the student center.

"It's a unique experience," said Eugene Emini, a freshman at CCSU. "Not too many people could say the President of the United States was at their school."

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