Occupy Movement Comes to Hartford

It’s a movement that started on Wall Street, but is now catching on across the nation including Hartford. 

Dozens of “occupiers” gathered at Turning Point Park in the capitol city with a strong message for those at the top.

“Share in the pain and take responsibility for the community.  Take responsibility for the country and lift us out of this depression or great recession,” said Alice Leibowitz, a Hartford occupier.

Occupy Hartford demonstrators kicked off their movement with a march down Asylum Street Friday afternoon.  Many brought along camping gear to spend the weekend outdoors.

“My reason for being here is I feel the government has let us down.  The corporations have let us down and we need to build community so we can take care of ourselves.  No one else is there for us,” said Sara Ferah, of Hartford.

Occupiers say their voice and movement will soon be too loud and too powerful to ignore any longer.  On Thursday, the President said occupiers were giving a voice to broad-based frustration with how the U-S financial system works.

“We’ve been waiting passively in our homes, now we’re waiting upfront in people’s faces,” said Leibowitz.

And they have no plans of backing down anytime soon.

“The hope is to be here until the world changes or something happens,” Leibowitz remarked.

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