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Investigation Continues Into New Haven Chlorine Odor

Officials continue to investigate an odor of chlorine in New Haven Wednesday morning.

According to fire officials, firefighters received a call around 3:30 a.m. from a resident near the H. Krevit & Company, a chlorine plant, on Welton Street reporting that he or she was having trouble breathing. He or she was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Crews found a strong chlorine smell in the area, according to firefighters, but it was not considered to be a hazmat situation.

The smell has dissipated and officials said that while it smells like chlorine, they cannot confirm that's what the odor was.

Firefighters checked H Krevit & Company and said their meters did not picking up any measurements of a chlorine leak at the plant.

“This is where they make chlorine, but right now there’s nothing at Krevit that’s going off at this time. There’s no leaks, there’s no releases or anything. Right now we’re in the process of metering. We have a crew right now metering," said New Haven Fire Department Battalion Chief Tyrone Ewing.

An odor has prompted an investigation at a New Haven chlorine plant on Wednesday morning.

Firefighters expanded their search to nearby buildings and the AMTRAK train tracks behind the plant.

Fire officials said at one point that they believed the odor was coming from the Leeway Nursing Home on Albert Street, which is right around the corner from the initial investigation at the chlorine plant, but that was a dead end.

“I guess what it was is that it was getting dragged into the sewer lines and then being pushed into the buildings, but once they metered Leeway as well, we didn’t get any readings in there as well. So the odor that was out here made its way in there probably through the HVAC system, or through the sewer lines,” Batallion Chief Tyrone Ewing said.

Crews from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to assess whether sewer lines need to be cut.

Welton Street was closed between Albert Street and Armstrong Street. 

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