Off-Duty Hartford Firefighter Shot During Drug Deal: Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant released Wednesday alleges the shooting of an off-duty Hartford firefighter occurred during a drug deal both he and the alleged shooter orchestrated.

Jesus Perez, 37, faced a judge at New Britain Superior Court Wednesday. Police say back in April, at an industrial park in Rocky Hill, Perez shot off-duty Hartford Firefighter Jimmy Ngo, 32, during a drug deal they both planned.

The warrant says Ngo told investigators he used to help Perez pay off debts. But when Ngo decided not to help with the payments anymore, the two planned a drug deal to make money.

On the night of the drug deal, the stories outlined in the warrant differ.

Perez says when the buyer arrived, the buyer did not have $35,000 needed to purchase the narcotics. The buyer then opened fire on Ngo, while Perez hid.

Ngo says, while waiting for an alleged buyer, Perez shot him and beat him with pieces of wood, an angle iron, and a gun. Ngo fought back slicing Perez's hand with a bow saw. Injured, Perez drove off with the car filled with drugs, leaving Ngo to die.

Police say they later found the car used in the drug deal abandoned, and cleaned in New Britain. But not clean entirely. Investigators say they found traces of Perez's blood on the steering wheel and seat belt.

Perez faces multiple charges including armed robbery, tampering with evidence, and attempted murder. He is being held on a $750,000 bond and will appear back in court July 18.

Ngo, who is a firefighter at Engine 1 Ladder 6 in Hartford is recovering from his injuries and is on leave.

Hartford Fire Chief Reginald Freeman released the following statement:

“I am conducting a thorough investigation into any improper conduct related to this incident in conjunction with other city agencies. The Hartford Fire Department expects all employees to live by the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. There is absolutely zero tolerance for the kind of illegal activity depicted/alleged in the arresting affidavit. By no means, should this incident be reflective of the hard work and sacrifice that is demonstrated on a daily basis by the men and women of the Hartford Fire Department. After the investigation is complete, if warranted, this administration will determine what disciplinary measures need to be taken.”

Ngo is not facing any charges at this time. But State Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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