Offensive Message Scrawled on Milford Police Breast Cancer Awareness Cruiser

Someone posted an inappropriate message on the Milford Police Breast Cancer Awareness Cruiser and police are investigating to determine who is responsible.

Police said several officers participated in an event at the Connecticut Post Mall on Oct. 11 to raise awareness and offer patrons who have been affected an opportunity to sign the vehicle.

One message scrawled on the cruiser had an offensive message about the police.

“I am far less concerned with the content of the message, and far more concerned with his choice to express this message on a vehicle designed to raise awareness and sensitivity to breast cancer which has so deeply affected many people. We are vigorously investigating this incident,” Chief Keith Mello said in a message on Facebook.

Police said investigators have high-quality surveillance footage of the incident and a clear image of the suspect.

Once they identify the person, they plan to pursue criminal charges for criminal mischief.

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