Officer Charged in Prisoner Beating Case

A Hartford police officer who was being investigated on accusations that he assaulted a prisoner who was in custody on Nov. 1 has been arrested.

Rhashim Campbell, 30, was arrested on Thursday after an internal investigation.

Campbell, the Hartford Courant reports, has been suspended at least five times for roughly 88 days since he joined the force in 2004.

The offenses include violating the code of conduct and exhibited conduct unbecoming of an officer, the Courant reports.

The other officer accused, Kent Lee, retired in November.

According to police, a prisoner named Michael Stewart hit and bit Campbell after flooding his cell and pushing police officers, the Courant reports.

Campbell is charged with one count of third-degree assault and one count of fabricating physical evidence. He has been released on a promise to appear. He is currently suspended without pay from the Hartford Police Department.

“We take the care of persons in our custody very seriously. The inappropriate acts of these officers are not representative of the dedicated and professional officers of the Hartford Police Department,” Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts said.

Hartford police applied for an arrest warrant against a second police officer, however the
Office of the States Attorney declined the warrant application.

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