Officer Honored for Saving Life at East Windsor Auto Auction Crash

Surveillance footage provides a new perspective on a dramatic crash over the summer at a busy auto auction in East Windsor and the actions taken by witnesses that saved lives.

Six people were injured when a driver had a medical emergency and crashed at Southern Auto Auction on South Main Street on Aug. 1.

Police Officer Nicole Devlin was working a private security detail that day when she heard a loud crash and reacted. Her actions resulted in the East Windsor Police Life Saving Award. She said it was a huge effort from everyone that saved several lives that day.

“This incident was very chaotic from the start. There were multiple victims,” explained East Windsor Police Sgt. Matt Carl.

Video shows an out of control black Buick slam into two women, two men, and a van driver before careening across the busy parking lot and coasting to a halt on the other side.

“You could hear a loud crash. Obviously, I didn’t know what happened. But it didn’t sound good, so I tried to get out there as fast as I could,” Devlin said.

Devlin and several others can be seen in the video running across the lot to help. Police say the driver of the Buick was having a heart attack behind the wheel.

“Frank was the one who alerted me to the victim, who looked like he was having a medical condition. So we began the CPR process. Frank was able to go get the AED, apply the AED. Ge did an awesome job. There were many, multiple first responders on scene that also assisted.”

Devlin is talking about Southern’s Security Director Frank Deltoro.

“I let him know I wasn’t able to grab my mic to let our central know I was starting CPR. So, he did an awesome job – he was able to hold the mic down while I did chest compressions. Once more help arrived he went and got the AED and applied the AED. It was a huge team effort. Everyone did a great job.”

East Windsor police acknowledged Devlin with the department’s police lifesaving award.

Department officers said Devlin went above and beyond what’s expected. But Devlin said she doesn’t like being called a hero.

“I’m absolutely not. I would have done what any human being with same training and experience that I have would have done.”

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