Hero Cop Becomes Detective

A West Hartford police officer who helped people injured when a runaway truck plowed into a line of vehicles on Avon Mountain has a bigger job.

Todd Myers, who has been a police officer since 2000, is now a detective. His promotion was effective last month but he received his new badge on Friday.
Earlier in the week, Myers he was just driving into work like any normal day in July 2005 when he saw the crash happen. He told us that it was a very chaotic scene with multiple injuries and mangled cars.
The crash killed four and injured 11.
Myers actions four years ago earned him the federal Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor from then-President George W. Bush and a commendation from Gov. M. Jodi Rell.
Myers has worked in the patrol and traffic divisions, served on the bicycle patrol and on the West Hartford SWAT team.

He said he does think he’ll miss patrolling the streets of West Hartford on a daily basis.

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