Community Leaders Come Together to Discuss Gun Violence in CT's Biggest Cities

A deadly week in Hartford is spurring lawmakers and activists to band together to propose strategies to take on gun violence in Connecticut’s major cities. 

Community leaders came together on Monday in Hartford’s north end following a string of shootings on July 11, two of which were fatal. 

State Rep. Brandon McGee (D-Hartford, Windsor) was joined by Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and faith-based leaders. 

“To really figure out, beyond just money, what is going to be done to crack down on the violence and homicides that are taking place in cities like Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, New Britain,” McGee said. 

“We cannot deal with this anymore,” said Jeremy Stein, the executive director for CT Against Gun Violence. “I don’t know what to say anymore to the grieving parents, to the mothers, to the fathers, to the brothers who have this look in their eyes that they have lost the most important thing in their lives.” 

Rep. McGee, who represents both Windsor and Hartford, believes that much more can and needs to be done. 

“It disheartens me every time I read in the paper ‘Oh, we’re on a positive trend. We don’t have as many killings as last year.’ One too many shootings and homicides is one too many,” he said. 

McGee said they are strategizing a grassroots effort, which will involve identifying the communities most in need and making sure teenagers are part of the conversation. 

“Many of these children are told, suck it up,” McGee said. “Go to school. Get your lives together and it’s bigger than just that. It’s deeper than that.” 

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