Officials Believe Homicide in Hartford Friday Was Connected to Another

A homicide on Friday night in Hartford is believed to be connected to one several yards away earlier in the week, police and city officials said during a news conference on Tuesday. 

Anthony Wright, 28 of Hartford, was shot on Main Street and Mahl Avenue around 11 p.m. Friday and pronounced dead shortly after. On Monday, police arrested Antoine Keaton and charged him with murder and possession of a firearm. 

“In this case, as in every other homicide about which we have information this year, the perpetrator and the victim knew each other and had a relationship. The violence in most cases originated from a personal dispute of some kind or was precipitated by an altercation,” Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said. 

He said the investigation into Wright’s death and the arrest in the case were quick. 

“It’s a testament to very strong detective work by the Hartford Police Department as well as the effect of technology investments that we have made, in particular our camera system, as well as a partnership with community and the relationship of trust between our police and community members. Information sharing was important to this investigation and arrest as well,” Bronin said. 

Wright was the victim of the 15th homicide of the year in Hartford. 

Hartford Police Lt. Paul Cicero spoke at the news conference and said a patrol officer was around the corner when the homicide happened. 

“That’s discouraging to know that these acts of violence still do occur when there is heavy police presence in the area and that police presence was there specifically to address and proactively police an area which has been challenged as of late,“ Cicero said. 

Cicero said police typically see more calls coming in during weather when more people are out and they work to determine where there have been problems in the past to address them. 

In addressing efforts to combat gun violence in the city, Bronin said the city has strong relationships with state police, parole and the Department of Corrections and they have asked for some additional resources. 

“We have asked for some additional resources from the Department of Corrections, including parole, to be embedded with our police department. We have asked for a dedicated gun violence prosecutor from the state‘s attorney’s office who would be embedded and dedicated to working side by side with our detectives as they work to investigate these crimes,” Bronin said. 

Bronin also called on the community to share information on crime or about a dispute or altercation that they are concerned might escalate. 

During the news conference, Bronin also issued a call for stronger gun laws nationally. 

"There are too many guns out there and they're too easy to get and Connecticut has strong gun laws, but we need stronger gun laws nationally. When guns come from states where it's easier to get them and they end up here, that shows why we need some commonsense gun reform nationwide," Bronin said.

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