Officials Respond to Complaints About Waterbury Dog Video

State and city officials have responded to complaints about a Waterbury dog video that has been circling on Facebook. 

A video floating online proportedly shows a Waterbury home and while the owner or the dog cannot be seen, an expletive can be heard before a dog could be heard yelping. 

Many concerned neighbors sent videos to police, animal control and NBC Connecticut airing their concerns for the animal. 

Deputy Chief of Waterbury Police Fred Spagnolo told NBC Connecticut that Waterbury Animal Control and the State Animal Control reviewed the video and went to the address on Gail Drive. 

Officials said the owner got the dog earlier this week. 

Both officer said they did not see any signs of animal cruelty or abuse. No violations were cited but agencies plan to follow up within the next few months, the deputy chief said. 

Spagnolo said the dog appeared very nervous when officers were at the home and the dog yelped in the same manner of the video when the owner picked him up. 

The 5-year-old dog is a rescue and appears to be skittish but his history is not known, Spagnolo said. 

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