Officials Want Trump Tribute Taken Down in Voluntown

Officials in Voluntown want one man's tribute to Donald Trump to be removed.

The large signs tower above Route 138, a busy road to and from Rhode Island.

After receiving complaints, the town selectmen and zoning enforcement official determined the signs are much larger than local law allows. There are other political signs up in town, just not this big.

The head of the Voluntown Planning and Zoning Commission said he'd like to rewrite the zoning rules to permit all political signs no matter how big, based on the first amendment.

"We were just driving down the road and I saw my cousin posted a picture on the internet of this and I wanted to take a picture of my Jeep in between them. You can't miss it!," said Evan Lepage, of Lisbon. "Everyone's driving by every day. It's just awesome."

The man who put them up was unavailable to speak to NBC Connecticut but he told the Norwich Bulletin he may have received the cease and desist letter from Voluntown but hasn't opened it yet.

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