Oil Deliveries Rise as Temperatures Fall

Home heating oil deliveries are on the rise as we fall into some of the season's coldest temperatures.

Employees of Newington-based Barney Barker Oil Company were busy filling orders Friday just hours after temperatures at Bradley International Airport reached record lows.

“We have been super busy, basically running two shifts one during the day, one at night,” said Damion Dellaventure, or Barney Barker.

Dellaventure knows that in his business, winter always means work, but this year he believes temperatures in the teens are causing homes to burn through supplies at a faster rate. He also says customers are taking advantage of a price cut.

“This winter has been kind of a break for everyone compared to the last couple years with how much oil was,” Dellaventure said.

If you're expecting a visit, make sure to shovel driveways or pathways prior to delivery so workers can access your home. Dellaventure says the less snow they have to walk through, the quicker they can get to other customers.

Oil companies also ask that you keep an eye on your tank. It's always easier to fulfill needs when consumers call ahead.

Simple steps, Dellaventure says, can save you a big headache. A bust pipe is the last thing you want to deal with as the temperatures continue to drop.

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