Old Saybrook High Preps for Submarine Race

Students at Old Saybrook High School are sinking below surface for a special competition. They'll head to the International Submarine Race in Bethesda, Maryland in June.

“They’re a very eclectic group,” said team adviser Gretchen Bushnell. “All ages, freshman through seniors, some kids who want to be pilots, some kids who want to be support staff, some who want to be mechanics.”

The submarine called “Jessie” is pedal powered and built by students like Peter Blank, a junior, who also plans to pilot the sub in the race.

“I have a passion for engineering, I always have since I was a little boy,” Blank said. “It’s been very exciting seeing this all come together. It’s not just the sub it’s our team. We’re all helping each other out.”

Old Saybrook is one of the only high school teams competing in the race. They’ll go up against students from more than 30 colleges and universities from all over the world.

Students must be scuba certified and physically fit in order to push the sub through the water.

The race is held every two years, and last time, Old Saybrook placed eighth.

Whether above or below the surface, students say sub racing is all about teamwork and determination.

“This is definitely something i want to be involved in the future if given the chance,” said senior Alexis Bardos.

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