Old Saybrook Restaurant Reopens After COVID Closure

Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook closed last week so that their team members could get tested for COVID-19.

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Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook reopened Monday after being closed for a week due to COVID-19.

The general manager of the restaurant said the team made the decision to close after Thanksgiving when a team member tested positive for the virus.

"We just said 'let's not open back up. Let's wait until everybody is tested negative,'" said Holly Barry, general manager of the pub.

Four employees are currently out sick after testing positive, according to Barry, and the employees who tested negative returned to work Monday.

"Definitely a lot of sales lost, especially for the parties that we have had to cancel," said Barry. "But we have to think of everybody else. We don't want to spread it. We can't take any risks."

Penny Lane Pub is not the only restaurant in Old Saybrook impacted by an increase in COVID case numbers.

The Monkey Farm dealt with a similar situation just before Thanksgiving. Manager and owner, Laura Corning, said they had several employees test positive for the virus. They closed for ten days.

Corning said it was a tough call to close, but a good call.

"Because it's still going through the town and we just didn't want to be the source," said Corning.

The town of Old Saybrook is under a COVID red alert, joining the majority of the state.

Both restaurants say they are thankful to be back open.

"Hoping that nothing happens again, but it is good to be back," said Barry.

While Penny Lane Pub was closed, a neighbor restaurant started collecting donations for them.

"Many people have stopped in. Even our own staff donated immediately to the jar," said Robert Marcarelli, director of operations at Liv's Oyster Bar.

The team at Liv's said Penny Lane Pub's closure hits home. They had to close last year at Christmastime for the same reason.

"They obviously understand the impact when a restaurant closes so it was really nice to see that," said Barry.

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