Ollie Opens Court for Children of All Abilities

UConn men's basketball coach, Kevin Ollie, was working on a different court Monday, opening his first wheelchair accessible basketball court.

Kevin's Kourt held its inaugural clinic at the Boys and Girls club of Hartford. Coach Ollie hosted "A Day of Inclusivity" encouraging kids of all abilities to help break in the court.

"If you ever had a dream and see it come to life this is me now," Ollie said. "It's about giving back that you give the gift but you also ultimately get a gift because you find somebody that you can really be a blessing and a miracle to."

Ryan Martin, a professional wheelchair basketball athlete from Somers led a clinic for the kids after the ceremony.

"When you have individuals with disabilities often times they're not included," Martin said. "What this court signifies is inclusivity and the option for individuals with disabilities to compete with their peers whether they're disabled or not."

Something Ryan knows all too well after being born with spina bifida and losing his legs when he was 2 years old.

"I was the only individual in my school growing up with a disability," said Martin. "And so in a way I was kind of ostracized and I was doing my own little thing but sports allowed me to stick out for 'wow Ryan's really able to do cool things like we are able to do.'"

Coach Ollie says what makes Kevin's Kourt so great is its ability to level the playing field between a child with a disability and one without, and that he has big plans to create many more courts.

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