“Sugar Daddy” Extortion Started With Dr. Phil Segment: Report

"Dr. Phil" and a segment about sugar daddy dating site sparked extortion plot of DuPont heir.

An Ohio couple might have gotten the idea to extort money from a Greenwich millionaire -- Dupont heir and apparent “sugar daddy” -- from an episode of “Dr. Phil,” according to police reports. 

Christopher Jessop, 30, of Mansfield, Ohio, was watching a segment on “Dr. Phil” that detailed the sugar daddy dating site, SeekingArrangement.com when he got the idea, the Greenwich Time reports, citing newly released documents.
"I was like, baby, you know, get on the computer and see what this is about," Jessop said detailing a conversation he had with his wife, Dawn Jessop, to Greenwich detectives in a March 19 jailhouse interview, the Time reports. "The next thing I know, I mean, these rich guys are just sending us money for nothing " … just conversations over e-mail."
The target who brought them to the attention of Greenwich authorities is Stephen Dent, 54, who seems to be a habitual visitor to the site that caters to older, wealthy “sugar daddies” willing to pay “sugar babies” for conversations, which sometimes led to sex, the newspaper reports.
The details of this case are bizarre. Reports detail Dent’s alleged involvement in a secret online world in which women were his slaves and he was their master. 
Dent would impose requirements on women he viewed as his sex slaves, including getting breast implants, visiting fetish web sites and sending frequent sexually explicit e-mails and pictures, the reports state.
"Stephen e-mailed me and it stated that he wanted me to learn the values of slavement," Dawn Jessop wrote in a statement to police.
The Jessops told police that Dawn always sent fake pictures of other people and often times it was Christopher engaging Dent in the more sexually explicit conversations, according to police reports, as reported in the Time.
The extortion plot unraveled in March 2009 when the couple was arrested. Christopher Jessop said his scheme bilked Dent out of more than $200,000 and spent money on jewelry, fine dining and a Range Rover SUV.
Dent's lawyer, Steven Frederick, of Stamford, did not return a call from Greenwich Time for comment Wednesday.
Christopher Jessop is currently serving 18 months in jail. His wife, Dawn, received a suspended sentence with probation after pleading guilty in May.
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