Haddam Neck Fair Held Labor Day Weekend

From finger-licking fair food, to high flying fun, there's something for everyone at the Haddam Neck Fair.

New this year, a circus and jousting competition. The fair finishes Monday with another new event called rock crawling.

Showing cattle is a family affair for Olivia and Dylan Comstock of Wallingford. The tradition goes back generations.

“They used to have a deed from the King of England back in the 1800s,” said Dylan, explaining how his ancestors once received land in Connecticut to start raising cattle.

Olivia took care of her calf, Unending Love, making sure she was primped for her turn before the judges. That included clean and drying the calf, putting gel on her fur, and even a pedicure.

“We polish their feet just so their feet look pretty,” she explained.
Most of the cattle in the dairy barn were shown by children who took on a lot of responsibility.

“We have to be constantly watching. You have to be constantly watering and feeding,” explained Dylan.

“I see the dedication. I think it makes them a better child. They’re up first thing in the morning 4:30-5:00 to wash them, care for them,” said their mother Tracy.

Alex Picard loves to show off her hard work with horses at Haddam Neck every year. She said she’s been riding for 10 years.

“I like this fair because it’s kind of local and it’s smaller so you actually get to enjoy coming to the horse show,” said Picard.

Emmalee Sicard eagerly tended to her flock of sheep, waiting for her turn before the judges.

“The toughest part is you have to stand around and it hurts your knees a little. The best part is when you win first place,” said Sicard.

If awards were given out for weather, this weekend's would definitely take home the blue ribbon.

“Turnout’s been phenomenal. We’ve had a great weekend,” said fair director Mark Dumond.

For 40 years, the Haddam Neck Covenant Church has been selling chickens and this year, it cooked up 4,000 pounds of chicken.

“We expect to raise around $10,000,” said church member Phil Visintainer.

For some it’s more than just tradition, eating this chicken is almost a religious experience.

“This is the best chicken known to man. It’s famous in my eyes. We call it the church chicken,” explained Greg Tousignant.

For a schedule of events: http://www.haddamneckfair.com/

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