One Warm Columbus Day

It's October, but it certainly does not feel like it.

Golf 722
Chris Breikss

It is Columbus Day, but it feels more like summer day with temperatures in the eighties and people spending the holiday outside, enjoying the sun.

The average temperature is about 66, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center

Whether you are spending the day on the golf course, like many are at Goodwin Park Golf Course in Hartford, fly fishing or out walking your dog, you’re sure to find a crowd.

Joanna Kamis, manager of Belltown Hill Orchards in Glastonbury, said there are many different apples and pumpkins to pick from.

“It's Fall in New England. It's a great tradition to have. You couldn't ask for a better weather day and it's a great family activity, nice wholesome thing to do,” she said. “Columbus (Day) is always the great extra day when people come out picking and we couldn't ask for a better day than what we have today.”

We had a bit too much rain, but everything is drying out and the cooler nights are perfect for apples, she said.

The forecast for the rest of the week includes temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

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