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Online Shoppers Warned About Scammers Ahead of Cyber Monday

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Experts predict many people will be doing a lot more online shopping this holiday season.

“I already did. A lot,” said Grandell Thompson of Windsor.

This year’s Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest digital sales day ever, according to Adobe Analytics.

It’s predicted that spending will be up as much as 35% from last year to potentially $12.7 billion, with many moving online because of coronavirus concerns.

“We do want people to be safe and shopping online. While it is safer in the middle of a global pandemic, it comes with its own set of risks,” said Kaitlyn Krasselt, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection spokesperson.

Krasselt said they fear this is also an opportune time for scammers to take advantage of people.

“Anybody can be the victim of a scam. There’s kind of a misconception that, you know, scammers really target the elderly or people who don’t use the internet a lot. But if you shop online, you can be a victim,” said Krasselt.

Krasselt suggests you protect yourself by doing your research to make sure sites and deals are legitimate.

“Make sure to check out with a credit card. That is really the most secure way to do it. It adds an extra level of protection,” said Krasselt.

She also urges you to never give out personal information, besides for your credit card and address, and beware of the fine print, such as with the return policy.

Even amidst all the things to worry about this year, many hope the spirit of the season is not lost.

“Still going to be a holiday. Still going to make the best out of it and be as safe as possible. As long as the kids are happy, we’re happy,” said Thompson.

Anyone with problems with a product should contact the company and if that doesn’t work, consider reaching out to your credit card company or the Department of Consumer Protection.

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