Sex and the Ivy League

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This is probably not the education parents of Yale students thought their kids would be getting.

The Ivy League institution kicked off it's Sex Week on Friday. The biennial event is a student-run series of discussions and workshops about sex, love and relationships, according to the Yale Daily News.

The week-long series includes public services like free STD testing, but also will allow students to take workshops on masturbation and how to give oral sex. There's even a tea scheduled with a transexual porn star.

A Yale student founded sex week in 2002 and it has been held every two years since. 

Students have had mixed reactions about the event. Some are in favor of the increased awareness of sexuality issues, but others have been critical of the decision to allow corporate sponsors to run the event, the paper reported. 

Pure Romance, a company that sells sex toys, is the biggest financial contributor and will be running a workshop on Thursday, Feb. 11 about how to use their toys, according to the paper.

Others feel the message of sexual awareness is lost in the way the event has been promoted. 

“We just thought the advertisement for it was totally Victoria Secret-normative,” Yale senior Callie Lowenstein told the Daily News.“It was just women with these enormous boobs and tiny waists.”

Yale senior Colin Adamo, who helps organize Sex Week, says the event is meant to be educational. 

“We want to make sure students can discuss love, relationships and sex in a conversational way,” he told the paper.

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