Organization Helps Physically Disabled Ski

An organization is helping those with physical challenges to ski.

Volunteers with Sandy Hook organization Leaps of Faith Adaptive Skiers are helping people who are physically disabled use ski-sits.

Lynn Simoneau was one of the participants. She has a spinal cord injury and has someone help 'drive' the ski sit while she steers.

“Mostly she’s keeping my balance but I have control over, a lot of control over the turns,” said Simoneau.

“Coming down the slopes it really gives me a feeling of freedom and for that couple minutes you forget that you’re disabled,” she said,

“They’re honing up their skills and just getting out there and as I mentioned we’re fortunate enough to have an instructor who himself is disabled from Southern College with us today,” said Joel Zeisler with Leaps of Faith Adaptive Skiers.

Instructor Stephen Dayton was born with Spina Bifida he uses a wheelchair when he’s not hitting the slopes.

"A sit-ski, it’s what I’m sitting in right now and you have one ski under it and then you have these 2 out riggers and you balance yourself and that’s how you get down the mountain,” said Dayton.

He said helping others who also have physical limitations is beyond rewarding.

“For them to see that they can still be active and have a great time out on the mountain it’s what I love to see,” said Dayton.

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