OSHA Fines Electrical Shock Victim


Billy Twyford nearly died in January when he and two coworkers suffered a serious electrical shock in Branford.

Their ladder got too close to a power line while they were working on the roof.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Twyford $6,600 for the Jan. 7 accident that sent a 13,200-volt bolt of electricity through his body, the New Haven Register reports.

Their injuries were so severe that two brothers who were working on the house, Travis and Rory Moody, went into cardiac arrest. All three men suffered burns.

According to the newspaper, the brothers were taking down a metal "laddervator" used to haul materials to the roof when the current from a power line created an arc and severely shocked them.

Twyford tried to pull them away after he heard "a loud cracking sound" caused by the electricity hitting the ladder, the newspaper reports, and saw a bolt of electricity exit Travis Moody's shoe.

"I ran over and grabbed him by his coat and we went down and that's when I knew I got hit," Twyford, 58, told the Register.

OSHA issued a citation against Twyford’s business, All Aspects of Carpentry in North Branford, on July 6 and it lists nine serious violations in several safety areas, including some that were not directly related to the Jan. 7 accident.

Twyford plans to contest several of the citations and will meet with OSHA on July 22.

You can read the full citation on the New Haven Register's Web site.  

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