Owl Stuck in Tree, Wrapped in Fishing Line Euthanized in Killingly


A person going for a hike at a state park in Killingly called in crews to help rescue a Barred owl caught in fishing line, hanging from a tree.

Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation and Education said the owl hung from a tree overnight and into the late afternoon in the frigid cold weather.

The owl was found by a hiker in Old Furnace State Park. The rehabilitation center said the hiker walked more than a mile back to meet them in the main parking lot, where they then trekked back in to find the owl.

The rehabilitation center said the owl was hanging about eight feet in the air and 12 feet out onto the pond. Because the ice was not thick enough, they needed help with the rescue.

So, EnCon Police came in to assist.

They were able to cut the tree and lower it onto the pond with the owl still hanging on. They then dragged the tree to the shore and removed the fishing line from around the owl.

According to the rehabilitation center, the owl's wing was so badly damaged that it had to be euthanized.

Officials emphasize that it's illegal to leave your fishing line behind in Connecticut. If you're going fishing, you're asked to pick up your line and dispose of it properly.

The rehabilitation center said they removed more fishing line from the trees around where the owl had been hanging.

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