Thea Digiammerino

Oxford Establishes Committee to Help Residents With Storm Cleanup

The town of Oxford has established a committee to help residents clean up after a tornado hit town two weeks ago.

“The charge with this committee is to try to help those that don’t have any help in their own backyards,” explained Wayne Watt, Oxford’s public works director.

Normally the town would only be responsible for storm damage on its property, but the committee is reviewing resident-submitted requests for assistance – things like tree clearing and brush removal. Watt said the goal is to help resident work through the massive task of the unexpected weather event.

“The insurance companies won’t take the trees unless it hit an actual structure. So they’re stuck with the burden of many trees,” Watt said. “We’re doing the best we could do.”

The town held a meeting Tuesday night to discuss recovery efforts with the public. Heidi Coddington said she’s glad the town is stepping up in a way they don’t have to after a storm most people didn’t expect.

“My homeowners won’t cover it,” she said. “I was shocked. I thought tree removal on my policy meant they would clean it up, take the brush, chop it and take it away.”

The town has set up an area for residents to drop off brush and debris from storm cleanup. DPW said they’re beginning their efforts to help with the elderly and disabled, and then they’ll expand efforts to all residents. They’re also hoping able-bodied residents will volunteer to help clean up neighborhoods.

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