Package Store Opens in Roxbury, Helping End Dry Era

Residents in Roxbury have gotten used to traveling outside of town lines to buy a bottle of wine or a six-pack, but that is about to change. Starting this week, happy hour will be a little closer to home as Wine and Spirits at Roxbury Station opens in one of the last dry towns in the state.

“I think that’s it probably going to be good for the town's economy, historically this has sort of been a dry area so we haven’t had these before,” said resident John Lacey.

The town had notoriously been labeled as “dry” town – a town in which the sale of alcohol within town lines is prohibited, until a resolution was passed in 2011 to permit the sale of alcohol in town.

Since then, a local market has been selling beer and alcoholic drinks could be purchased at nonprofit groups’ fundraisers.

But opening a package store presented with many more bumps in the road.

Store owner Thomas Scallon had to fight a state statute that doesn’t allow towns with less than 2,500 residents a liquor store. Roxbury has about 2,320.

Owner Thomas Scallon and his late friend and business partner Brad Bombard concocted the idea for the package store together. Bombard passed away before it became a reality.

“He was a longtime Roxbury resident who lived literally 100 yards up the road and we had done some business together in the past and before he passed away, this was his last idea,” Scallon explained.

The store will aim to serve all –featuring wine, beer and spirits priced from $200 to just 99 cents. Two hundred craft beers can be found in the coolers—many of which are locally sourced.

“It’s a big deal. I mean the town wants businesses to succeed,” Scallon said. “We want to serve what the community wants."

The store has rum, bloody mary and mimosa tastings already lined up with plans to partner with local businesses for other events. Delivery is also available.

The store opened this Monday and will celebrate with a grand opening on Friday.

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