Man Caught on Surveillance Video Stealing Packages From New Haven Doorsteps

Thousands of dollars in deliveries have been stolen from doorsteps on the shoreline and New Haven police believe surveillance video captured footage of a man behind at least some the thefts.

Investigators said they often deal with stolen packages during the holiday season, but rarely at the height of summer.

Security cameras recorded a man using some kind of tool to break his way into an apartment building in June, according to police, who said he – and maybe others – have been making off with deliveries before the rightful recipients can bring their packages inside.

“I got the impression that he just grabbed whatever he could," said a New Haven resident, who asked only to be identified as Keisha.

Keisha lives in the area of Whitney Avenue and Trumbull Street, where police said they've seen an increase in the number of delivered packages being stolen. She said items have disappeared from inside her building too many times.

"For us, maybe $2,000 between the packages and the stuff that was stolen from our unit in the basement," she explained.

Keisha believes the man caught on surveillance video snatched up whatever he could and bolted out the door. In her case, the stolen deliveries consisted of bikes, toys and even potty liners for her child's toilet.

"They're on camera," she said. "So either he doesn't care or he's just not thinking about it."

Police suggest residents protect their packages by requiring a signature for deliveries. You can also track the package online and sign up for email or text alerts so you or a trusted neighbor can be there when the parcel arrives.

"The fact that this guy's doing it in the vestibule of an apartment building is pretty bold," said Officer David Hartman, of the New Haven Police Department.

Keisha has decided to be bold too, posting warnings around her building so residents and delivery drivers are aware of the issue.

"A small crime can escalate into something else," she said.

Anyone who can identify the man whose image was captured on surveillance should call New Haven Police detectives at 203-946-6304. Callers can remain anonymous. 

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