Parents Bundle Up Kids for School Day Ahead of Cold

Parents across Connecticut made sure their children were bundled up before leaving for school because temperatures are going to plummet today, with the wind chill making it feel like it is in the teens or single digits by this evening.

Amy Fontaine, a mom and teacher who has the day off, had her first chance to walk her kids to school Friday. 

“I had to bundle them up and walk them for the first time ever. I was really excited about it,” Fontaine said. 

Despite the cold temperatures coming, it was sunny this morning. 

“Very deceiving. I think that they're in short sleeve shirts right now underneath their winter gear,” Fontaine said. 

The sun was also deceiving for Mark Fioravanti, a Florida transplant and Hurricane Irma survivor, who put his son in layers. 

“Nice and bright and not too bad, but when you get outside it's a bit of a surprise,” Fioravanti said.

“I put a lot of layers on him and make sure his scarves and mittens and things like that and his mom made him a hat so he should be pretty good for today.” 

Alisa Brochu, a mom of four boys, said bundling up her brood was not as much of a battle as she might have anticipated. 

“They are all supposed to have hats and gloves on, some of them are keeping their hoods pulled up some of them not so much,” Brochu said. “They were actually all really good today. There's one in middle school too, he was the easiest, but wanted to be driven to the bus stop this morning. He didn't want to walk, it’s a little too cold.” 

While parents try to brace their kids for the colder weather, they’re embracing moments with their kids, even if it means a very cold walk home from school.

“It was time. I'm not ready for it. I hate the winter,” Brochu said. 

“I never get to do it so it will be nice, rejuvenates you I guess,” Fontaine said. 

The quarter finals for the boys soccer tournament was set for tonight, but because of the weather, those games have now been postponed until Saturday.

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