Parents Concerned Over New Turf Field at North Haven Middle School

Concerned parents in North Haven are working to limit play on a newly installed turf field.

A new playing turf field for some could be a good thing, but for North Haven Against Shredded Tire Infill's (NHASTI) member, Danielle Morfi, the new turf field at the North Haven Middle School is not.

"We're not allowed to dump and bury our tires in our yard, it's just an environmental and health risk," Morfi said.

The parent-run group dislikes the use of crumb rubber. The small pellets of recycled tire found between the synthetic grass.

The organization which began shortly after the 2014 approval of the field said the recycled tire could have health risks, despite the fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove the concern.

"To me, it is not worth the risk," said Morfi.

Turf field concerns are not new. In fact, the EPA is researching if turf fields do indeed pose health risks, but the study has not ended, so the results are yet to be found.

"Let the kids play and have a good time because there are worst things in this world," parent Pamela Brooks.

Some parents feel without evidence, they have no tiff with the turf.

"I think people have been playing on turf fields forever and it's not proven," Brooks said.

Since the field is nearly complete, Morfi and her group are focusing to limit turf-field activities like gym classes.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the North Haven Middle School Building Committee, the principal and the superintendent but did not hear back. 

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