Parents Demand Change After West Hartford Student Makes Anti-Semitic Comments

There was a show of support Tuesday for a West Hartford family dealing with anti-Semitism.

At a school board meeting, the Jacksons shared how their daughter at Hall High School was recently victimized by a classmate.

"The student stated, ‘Jews always think they have all the authority,’" said Kim Jackson.

Kim Jackson says her daughter, a junior, tried to keep working in the chemistry class.

"Within minutes after making this comment, while the group was using large beads to model molecules, the student created a swastika with the beads and placed it in front of her. The student remarked, 'Is this the right compound?'" said Jackson.

The Jacksons say their daughter reported the incident to her teacher and the administration.

But then the family was shocked when they found out days later the student was still allowed to play in a football game for the school.

"My question tonight is where is the accountability? What are we teaching children that they can do or say anything they want and there won’t be any meaningful consequences?" said Jackson.

The Jacksons think there needs to be clear cut punishments for situations like this.

School board chair Carol Blanks and the rest of the board say they were disturbed by the anti-Semitism and that bigotry in any form is unacceptable.

They promise they are reviewing school policies.

"There’s always room for improvement and that’s our job, as both the district and board, to make sure that happens," said Blanks.

NBC Connecticut asked the school board chair if they’d be reviewing how this situation was handled, and were told the principal has discretion as of now.

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