Parents Turn Mangled Car into Teen Lesson

Parents in Simsbury are using the mangled mass of metal that was once a 1998 Subaru Outback to talk to their children about the repercussions of bad decisions.

Three 14-year-old middle school students were in the stolen car when it crashed early Wednesday morning, police said. They are all still in the hospital, with injuries ranging from a broken femur to a broken back, the Hartford Courant reports.

Carolyn Lech took her three children to M&M Tire and Auto on Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury, where they took it all in.

"It's just unbelievable," Lech said. "That's why I'm here — just to show them, 'Guys, make good choices.'"

She wants the car to be placed in front of Henry James school so it can make an impression on students and parents.

Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman said she liked the idea of putting the car in a place where people could see it and it would prompt discussion.

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