Parking Problem at the VA

Parking around the VA Hospital in West Haven could get tougher if the city's Mayor gets his way. He wants veterans to pay if they park on the street around the hospital.

Patients say the parking lot at the hospital is almost always packed with cars.

"The parking is terrible I have an appointment at 12 (o’clock). I’m running a little late but I know I’ll be even later just by trying to find a parking space. It’s pretty bad," says Navy Veteran Lawrence Kimpson.

Patients and staff members agree the problem is too many people depend on the same parking lot and street parking.

"It is frustrating because they know the amt of people that are coming here and they should have planned for it a lot of better," says Martin Lemke a Vietnam Veteran.

West Haven Mayor John Picard is proposing a plan to create metered parking on West Spring Street. He says it'll free up spots currently used by hospital staff.

"There’s been complaints from residents in the past about people parking all over... we have an excellent relationship with the VA Hospital and we are communicating with them and we want to test pilot this program," assures Mayor Picard.

Patients say they feel targeted.

"I don’t think you should have to pay because we are veterans and we have appointments and I don’t think we should have to pay," says Kimpson

Still the mayor insists the plan will not only alleviate the parking issue it'll also create more revenue for West Haven.

"We don’t want to inconvenience the veterans in anyway but I think this will actually in the long run help them," explains Mayor Picard.

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