Parking Problems Persist as Busway Exceeds Ridership Goals

Parking is hard to come by at the Fenn Road CTfastrak station in Newington.

The station's 50 parking spaces are all full, leading commuters to parking along the curb, which almost reaches Fenn Road.

"That's a good problem to have," Gov. Dannel Malloy said during a visit to discuss CTFastrak and transit-oriented development.

He said there are plans in the works to expand parking options at multiple stations, which shows the interest levels for the busway is higher than most people thought, according to Malloy.

Transportation Commissioner James Redeker said Wednesday that CTfastrak has more than 14,000 riders every day, up from the initial rider estimates of 11,000 per day.

Malloy toured a stretch of New Britain with plans for redevelopment directly linked to the busway. An apartment building in the works will have 52 units and is a short walk from the New Britain Fastrak terminal.

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, a Republican who has split with many in her own party because of her support for the busway, said the redevelopment wouldn't be possible without it.

"This is not political at all. This is people’s livelihoods. This is how folks in my city get around. This is how folks in cities and urban areas all across Connecticut get around," Stewart said.

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