Partially Naked Man Set Fire to Home, Rolled Car: Cops

A man covered in religious tattoos set fire to his own house, crashed his car, ran around half naked, knocking on doors, and identified himself to police as Lucifer, according to the police chief in Wolcott.

What came in as a report of a possible house fire turned into a much more bizarre story as police gained more information about the suspected series of events.

The report of a possible fire in the Edgemont Lane area came in at 7:52 a.m. Just a few minutes later, police received a report of a car that was rolled over on Cole Road, about a mile and a half away from the fire.

Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens just happened to be on Wolcott Road, so he started heading in that direction to help when jet another call came in. This one was about a half-naked man banging on doors at the Clearview Hills Condo complex.

“Being I was right there, I pulled into the complex and sure enough there was a gentleman there who we later arrested,” Stephens said. “His pants were down, his exposed buttocks covered with tattoos, banging on doors.”

Figuring the man, since identified as Alex Chambrello, 23, had been involved in the crash, Stephens approached him and asked his name.

Chambrello, who has a massive tattoo that says "Conquer All Evil" with depictions of Jesus with a crown of thorns and the Virgin Mary, identified himself as Lucifer, according to police.

“He said he was Lucifer from Hell the Inferno and he’s talking all kinds of gibberish,” Stephens said.

Then Stephens asked where he lived and Chambrello said 9 Edgemont Lane, which was where the fire was.

Police said Chambrello is suspected of setting fire in the basement of 9 Edgemont Lane in Wolcott, which caused the death of a cat.

A second cat reported missing after the fire was found safe and in good health, aside from some cuts to its face, according to Stephens.

Chambrello has been charged with arson and breach of peace and is held on $100,000 bond. He was originally set to be arraigned today at Waterbury Superior Court, but failed an evaluation, so it's not clear when he will appear in court.

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