Parts Problem Delayed Ford Recall Fix

Rob Marchi now has a brand new Nissan Altima sitting in the driveway of his Torrington home.

It was more like an impulse purchase after receiving a recall letter in the mail several weeks ago from Ford about his old 2011 Ford Fusion.

"I opened the recall realize it had something to do with the fuel issue. I went outside on a Saturday noticed the puddle under the car and called Ford," said Marchi.

He went to Torrington Ford two days later to get it checked out.

"They explained to me that the tank was cracked and that I would be without it for seven months," he said.

According to the recall, pressure cycles may cause the surface of the fuel tank to crack, resulting in a leak which could then lead to a fire.

"I said you got to be kidding me," said Marchi. "I'm paying payments on the car, taxes on the vehicle."

Marchi said Torrington Ford agreed to give him a rental. It was a Ford Fiesta, a smaller subcompact car compared to his midsize sedan.

The 6’3 father knew that wouldn't work for his family.

“I was willing to purchase another car off of their lot if they gave me a decent trade but they didn't. They gave me a terrible trade,” said Marchi.

He said the trade was for $8,100 but Nissan offered him $1,000 more.

We reached out Torrington Ford, they said "he declined the ford fiesta. We would have gladly given him anything he wanted to drive. We didn't get another chance at him before he went to Nissan. "

Marchi said before he went to Nissan he called Ford Motor Company but said the representative was no help.

“I'll never buy another Ford,” he said.

We reached out to Ford Motor Company, they said "we are working with our suppliers to expedite parts as quickly as possible."

Torrington Ford said they're now able to get the part sooner than seven months, they expect it to be available by early September.

If you want to know if your car is involved in this recall, you can enter the VIN# here.

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