Patriots Fans Race to Get Patriots Super Bowl Championship Apparel

Patriots fans flocked to stores Monday to buy championship apparel after Sunday night’s historic Super Bowl win. 

The Dick’s Sporting Goods in Newington had glasses, hats, shirts and pennants available when the doors opened at 9 a.m., but the items were quickly picked over. 

“Just wanted to get a T-shirt today. I’m excited and I got them for all five of their Super Bowls. Been a fan since 1960 when they were the Boston Patriots,” Joe Slepski, of Wethersfield, said. 

The T-shirts in particular were flying off the shelves and Frank Tomaino, of Wethersfield, was buying one for his 11-year-old daughter. 

“She said, ‘Dad, you got to come get me a shirt, bring it to me at school so I can put it on during the day,” said Tomaino, who is a season ticket holder. 

He said he had doubts Sunday night when the Atlanta Falcons were dominating the first half of the game. 

“I’ve got to be honest with you, even I gave up hope at 28-3. She kept sitting there with me going, “It’s not over. It’s not over.’ So hey, what a night. Great night,” Tomaino said. 

But Tomaino and thousands of other fans were excited to see the Pats bounce back during the second half of the game, leading to a 34-28 win in overtime. 

“Absolutely unbelievable. Greatest comeback of all time. It takes a little bit of luck as well and the Falcons certainly gave us a little bit of help there in the 4th quarter by not running the ball,” Daniel Delaney, of Groton, said. 

“I really didn’t think the Patriots were going to come back and win it. Sure enough, got to tip your hats off to them,” Joe Conderino, of South Windsor, said. 

Managers at Dick’s Sporting Goods said they expect to get more shipments of championship apparel throughout the week. 

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