Cops Tell Kids to Drop the Deadly Peanut Butter

Some pranksters in Fairfield used peanut butter for more than just a sandwich yesterday, cops said, and they are warning that the sandwich spread is dangerous in the wrong hands. 

Several 12 and 13 year olds decided to get artistic with peanut butter on the Borders bookstore front window on the Post Road and have struck with the sticky stuff before, cops said. 

This time, cops said, the group of male and female kids, drew a smiley face and a hand on the glass before running off. Last time, they allegedly smeared the stuff on the bottom of handrails.

"The Fairfield Police understand that kids will sometimes resort to pranks, however, the act of smearing peanut butter in a public place and exposing it to someone with a peanut allergy can become serious and sometimes deadly," police said in a news release.  
“Usually most of the risk is with ingestion. When they ingest it, the reaction can be severe. It can range from anything from just rashes, to breathing difficulties to light-headedness to passing out, it can become life-threatening,” Dr. Irena Veksler, a Fairfield allergist, told News 12.

There's still a smudge on one front window and a new sign accompanying it advising customers that groups of unaccompanied kids are no longer allowed in the store without a parent.

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