Peeping Tom Strikes in Danielson

Woman says a man has peered into her windows several times.

State police are on the lookout for a man who's been seen peeking into windows of homes in the Danielson section of Killingly.

Deborah Dufault said a Peeping Tom has struck at her house at least twice in the middle of the night over the last couple of months.

"Scared to death. We sleep during the day now because we're afraid to sleep at night," Dufault said.

The first time, Dufault said she heard a noise so she opened the back door that leads into her bathroom and found a man standing on her deck. He looked surprised to see her and then ran off, she said.

The second time, the man climbed on top of a patio chair to peek in the window at the top of that same door, she said.

Her daughter, Bre-Hanna Pharr, 17, had just taken a bath and was drying off when she saw something odd.

"I stopped to look to see what it was and his face slowly popped up into the window and I started screaming and he did not move," Pharr said. "I tried getting out of the bathroom but I was shaking too bad to try to unlock the door to get out and he stayed there the whole time."

Dufault has since knocked on doors around her neighborhood to warn other people.

State police are investigating similar complaints from a small number of other residents in the neighborhood.

"Why do that? Why do it, period? Not to a grown up. Not to a young girl. Not to kids. You know, get help," said Rina Bisson, who lives next to Dufault.

Dufault has since frosted her windows, locked her backyard gate, posted warning signs and added a pit bull to the family. She's hoping the Peeping Tom doesn't return for another look. So far, state police have not made an arrest in the case.

"He needs to be caught," Dufault said.

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