Pension Increases for Appointed Legislators Will Be Costly

Hike Will Cost Taxpayers Millions


Gov. Dannel Malloy chose six current and two former legislators to serve in his administration, and that decision will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in extra pension payments when these public officials retire.

All state employees, including legislators, are eligible for state pensions based on their three highest-income years, according to Raising Hale

A former lawmaker who gets a job in a governor’s administration receives not only a large pay raise, but also a huge potential boost to his pension should he stay in the administration for as little as three years.

Raising Hale reports that three of Malloy’s appointees will make more than the governor, including Commissioner of Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan, a former state senator and lieutenant governor, will earn $170,000 a year.

Former Sen. Andrew McDonald, Malloy’s general counsel, will earn $160,000, as will former Sen. Donald DeFronzo, who will serve as Department of Administrative Services commissioner.

After four years of making $160,000 as commissioner, DeFronzo's pension will rise to an estimated $74, 269 a year, up from $15,201 if he retired as a state senator.

McDonald’s increased pension will cost taxpayers an extra $725,705 over 25 years, and Sullivan’s pension would rise from to $65,836.

In all, Malloy's apointees will earn $5.2 million in additional pension benefits over 25 years.

Of course, if any of these appointees collects a pension for more than 25 years, the cost to taxpayers would go up accordingly, not to mention cost of living adjustments which vary year to year. 

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