labor day weekend

People Balancing Fun With Safety This Holiday Weekend

People soaking up the final days of summer while The Department of Public Health recommends limiting gatherings.

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As Labor Day weekend began, people enjoyed one of 2020’s final beach days, all the while trying to do it safely.

Just as people were packing their cars to leave Hammonassett Beach, Misty Mathews was arriving with her two daughters. Mathews, of Newington, says she planned it that way to avoid a crowd and to be able to social distance.

“We are trying to get one more beach walk in,” she said.

It is the unofficial last weekend of summer and for Mathews, a sad time.

“I’m crying on the inside, trust me,” she said.

Abiding by social distancing guidelines, families took advantage of enjoying the beach and campground and savoring the sunshine.

“Well, I’m gonna enjoy every last moment of it,” said Kerry Hochdorfer, who was camping with her husband and daughters.

Like everyone, this summer has been different for the Hochdorfer family. Lost was the opportunity to travel. Gained, were moments they’ll never forget.

“It made us spend more time as a family. So I’m grateful for that,” said Hochdorfer. “We spent a lot more time just hanging out.”

The Fugal family came to Connecticut from Rhode Island to enjoy Labor Day weekend, trying not to think about the future.

“I don’t want to think about the colder months and going back there,” said Stephannie Fugal.

The Department of Public Health is reminding people to keep gatherings small. If you are getting together with people who don’t live with you, the DPH asks that you wear a mask and social distance. Campers say they’re abiding.

“When we checked in, we were told that there were no visitors,” said Howard Fugal. “We were hoping to have a few friends here, but not the case.”

So as the summer inches closer to its end, there is some remorse but not everyone is sad.

“Actually, I get excited because I know the spooky season is coming,” said Dominique Holmes. “The Fall vibes. I love it.”

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